High Pressure Rotating Control Device (HP RCD)

Tool Description:

The High Pressure Rotating Control Device (HP-RCD) from Black Gold Rental ToolsTM is a 5000psi Static/2500psi Dynamic RCD that uses a high strength and ductile Polyurethane Sealing Element which seals around the drill pipe to create a safety barrier for persons working on and around the rig.

Our RCDs are all equipped with a remotely operated, hydraulically controlled clamp which mean personnel does not have to enter a hazardous area to operate the clamps thus increasing the safety for all involved in the operation.

Our specialized Polyurethane Sealing Elements are engineered for harsh environments, and by design are highly resistant to oils, greases, and other chemicals that would degrade other compounds used to make sealing elements. Additionally, our sealing elements are impact and abrasion resistant, and have strong bonding properties which all lead to a significant increase in usable life.

Using a sealing element that is engineered for longer life means less element changes, less downtime, less OPEX, more time on bottom, faster and safer operations, and a higher bottom line.


All equipment has been engineered, manufactured, tested, and rated in compliance with API Specification 16RCD. Pressure ratings are subject to drilling conditions, and correct use and maintenance of equipment by the operator.  

  • Industry leader in pressure rating
  • Polyurethane sealing element lasts up to 4x longer than nitrile and natural rubber 
  • Hydraulic clamp standard on all RCDs: Allows remote actuation of the clamp and prevents personnel from having to open/close the clamp locally at the RCD
  • Safer drilling: Divert hydrocarbons and hydrogen sulfide (H2S) away from the rig floor to protect personnel 
  • All returned equipment passes a rigorous repair and maintenance process that includes inspection by certified personnel, certified parts replacement, and being cleaned, lubricated, painted, and prepared for operation
  • All RCD equipment has inspection reports and test charts available 
  • We offer complimentary regular periodic site visits to ensure that our customers experience remain high.
  • We are available 24/7 – 365 with immediate response time 
  • Our team at Black Gold Rental ToolsTM has a combined 100 years of experience in RCDs
  • We maintain up-to-date paperwork for easy and convenient invoicing
Pressure Rating PSI:
5000 PSI Static
2500 PSI Dynamic
Black Gold Tool Rentals High Pressure Rotation Control Device Technical Illustration front view, showing measurements
  • 16 ⅜” Face of bottom flange to center of outlet flange 
  • 20 ¼” Center of bottom flange to face of outlet flange 
  • 49” Face of bottom flange to top of lifting eyes 
  • 67” Face of bottom flange to top of bearing (installed)
Black Gold Tool Rentals High Pressure Rotation Control Device Technical Illustration side view, showing measurements
Outlet Flange:

7 1/16″ 5M

Bottom Flange:

13 5/8″ 5M


All measurements assume the bearing is installed and clamps engaged.

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